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Best massage chair Singapore
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Shiatsu deep tissue massage suitable for neck and shoulders, and other parts of the body.

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Best massage chair Singapore
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Best massage chair Singapore
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Miuvo is founded on the philosophy that consumers deserve better. We are a young and dynamic company run by like-minded individuals striving to bring better quality products to the masses. Continuous improvement and attention to design and detail is our mantra…

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Power Rest Rechargeable Neck and shoulder massager - absolutely terrific portable massager

Absolutely terrific portable massager! I especially like the 3 different speeds you can choose from. Sometimes you’re in the mood for a different kind of speed so it’s perfect.

The massager is very sturdy and it still sits very comfortably on the body. It’s not to heavy and confirms to the body wonderfully. The lycra fabric feels really nice against my skin almost like it’s not even there. My body just melts into the massager every time I use it, I really love it.

I can take it to work with me since it’s portable and even to the gym for after workouts. The quality is truly fantastic, it’s made very well. I think everyone will really enjoy this massager, I definitely recommend it!

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Better energizing day each day with the miuvo products

One gets a good feeling using these miuvo foot and back massagers . I feel that this is the right foot massager for my needs when I unbox it and feel joyful that this machine is the answer to my health needs .

For the price of 149 , I am able to snugly and comfortably insert my 2 feet and enjoy relax full and full foot reflexology process as good as the best china Kung fu master hands can ever provide .

The miuvo foot massager machine looks and feels good built to pamper and deliver the right kneading and roller function quietly below my soles and I feel totally refreshed and happy that I have accomplished a full body and organ total rejuvenation after the miuvo foot massage has done it’s Magic. A few days later I bought the miuvo back massager too at 129 to complement my sitting session with my foot massager . What a great combo and great way to pass time build health and in front of TV. Now a bit of what I hope can be incorporated into future models . The foot massager is just nice for asian feet which is smaller but seems a bit small for my USA American size 11 feet . Any way to widen the insides of current model would be great as its a bit too tight for my big feet comfortable massage . The back massager can be build to arch a bit more forward to reach the head , neck area and lower back and i think it would be as good as the osim 499 model .
With kind sales miuvo staff , tey and helen at vivacity giant and a free delivery process I feel this is the best value for my money and effort to achieve better health for the coming new year . 2018 , here is to my regular foot massage exercise and a better energizing day each day with the miuvo foot massager . Thanks Miuvo !

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