5 Tips to Maintain Your Massage Chair

How do i maintain my massage chair?

Yes, you did it! You finally bought the massage chair that has been sitting in your wish-list for the longest time. Undoubtedly, the daily massage is worth every cent, but it is probably going to leave you thinking of the best way to maintain this baby for it to last a long time.

In this article, we will cover five tips to maintain your massage chair so that it looks good and works well for many years to come.


1) Upholstery maintenance

The upholstery of the massage chair experiences the most wear and tear due to constant contact with the user and friction from the massage rollers. However, with proper maintenance, you can maintain your massage chair upholstery in good serviceable condition for many years to come. 

Simple steps go a long way

Cleaning your massage chair

Cleaning the surface is often a very good way to keep the upholstery in good condition. Sweat and oil from our skin and hair may accumulate on the synthetic leather surface of the massage chair. These secretions may over time, cause damage to the upholstery making it peel or flake prematurely. A simple wipe with a damp cloth is all it takes to remove these gunk and keep the leather surface clean and hygienic. Take note not to allow excessive moisture to remain on the upholstery as trapped moisture may promote mould growth. Refrain from eating on the massage chair as food particles may get trapped in the nooks and crevices. Frequent dusting or using a vacuum cleaner will also slow down the rate of dirt build-up, thereby reducing the problem.

Damaged Massage Chair from other brands

Once in a while, use a leather cleaner or protector to give your massage chair a gentle rub down to keep the leather soft and supple.

Maintenance of the upholstery is easy, but it is also easy for us to forget it. We highly recommend using a massage chair fabric cover to keep out dust and excessive UV rays.

2) Avoid exposure to direct sunlight

Avoid Direct sun exposure on massage chair


Here in sunny Singapore, we have no lack of sunlight. However, prolonged exposure to sunlight can damage our skin due to harmful UV rays the same way it can degrade your massage chair upholstery by discolouration or causing surface-cracks. Massage chairs come in so many colours and you probably chose it to suit your interiors. You wouldn’t want a sun-damaged chair to spoil the overall image of your interior, would you?

If your massage chair is by the window, a curtain may help. A massage chair fabric cover may do the job as well in this case.

3) Weight capacity of the massage chair

Massage chair weight capacity


It is recommended to keep within the weight capacity of the massage chair. Most massage chairs can easily support the weight of a typical user seating on it. Anything more than a person’s weight is not advisable because the internal mechanical components may get damaged by excessive pressure. Repair bills can be costly as well.

Therefore, refrain from letting your kids sit on your lap while you are on it. Pets are also a no-no as fur can get in the way and claws may damage the upholstery. Do also note that some massage chairs have arms massage like the MiuDeluxe Massage Chair, thus, refrain from sitting or leaning on the armrest as well.

4) Regular usage 

Regular usage of massage chair


For the mechanical parts to stay lubricated and be in working order, you need to use it regularly. Just like a car, a rarely-used massage chair may produce creaking or squeaking noises due to lack of lubrication. These noises not only spoil the whole massage experience; it may also cause the massage strength to be weakened over time. That said, avoid using the massage chair as a regular everyday-chair as casual lounging increases wear and tear.


5) No general maintenance

Massage Chair no routine maintenance


Apart from maintaining the cleanliness of your massage chair, the good news is, the mechanical parts are pretty much self-lubricating and usually don’t require routine maintenance. Save yourself the hassle of getting down and dirty. If you have issues with your massage chair, avoid working on it yourself. Massage chairs are appliances with electronics and mechanical components. Tinkering with them could void the warranty or cause further problems.

Final thoughts

A massage chair is a great investment for anyone who loves a good massage. Keep it humming with proper care and cleaning. You can have your daily massage me-time without having to commit to a rigid maintenance schedule.

A little goes a long way, a massage chair fabric cover can be incredibly helpful in protecting the upholstery. 

Massage Chair protection fabric cover

Miuvo provides a massage chair fabric cover with every purchase of a massage chair, while stocks last. Check out the range of massage chairs we have!


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      Hello Winston, we had previously checked with some local upholstery companies and got a quote of $1500 – $2500.
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