6 Benefits of Renting A Massage Chair For Office Use

At Miuvo, we are dedicated to helping companies in achieving wellness and relaxation for their staff in their offices, enhancing the overall productivity and satisfaction at work. 

Health Benefits

Regular use of a massage chair can provide benefits such as reducing stress, promoting relaxation and relieving pain. It can lead to increased creativity and improved overall well-being which adds to workplace productivity.


Renting a massage chair can be more cost-effective than purchasing one outright, especially if you only need the chair for a short period of time or for corporate events. Companies do not have to worry about regular maintenance, saving both time and money for other more productive uses. Renting is also more environmentally friendly as it caters for needs-based usage. After all, no one wants a white elephant sitting unused in their offices. With the exception of long term use such as over 12 months of use, then it would be more cost-effective to purchase and own one.


Having various models of massage chairs to choose from allows for flexibility to select the most suitable one for your office. Smart massage chairs usually come with preset programmes and the users can choose from a variety of massage methods to suit their different needs. One could choose a programme that targets the shoulders and another chooses waist massage. 

Compact massage chairs are space saving which caters to smaller office space or event setup. Moreover, rather than being stuck with an older model for years, you can rent a massage chair with more advanced features from time to time.


When you rent a massage chair, we are responsible for maintaining and repairing the chair in the event of any faults. This can save both time and money in the long run.


Renting a massage chair has proven to be a huge asset for events, such as trade shows, conventions, or corporate functions where you need to provide a comfortable seating option for attendees or guests. A massage chair can be a good conversational piece, allowing for longer linger time at your event and improving overall satisfaction rates.


Our massage chair rental service is worry-free. We take care of the delivery and deployment of the massage chairs. At the end of the event, the massage chair will be collected back, saving you the hassle of coordinating with multiple vendors. If you are looking to make your event an unforgettable experience for your guests, contact us here!

In summary, renting a massage chair can be a convenient, cost-effective, eco-friendly and flexible option for companies that need a massage chair for a short period of time or for specific events.


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