Comparison of KneadMaster back massager models

Comparison between KneadMaster Select, V2 Back Massagers and Advance Neck and Back Massager. Follow us on Instagram @miuvoshop and see the Highlights!

The three models have similar functions for back massage, whereas KneadMaster Advance is inclusive of an additional neck massage along with the back massage. The KneadMaster Select has been in the market since 2016, and along the years, additions and improvements were made to better enhance the needs of our consumers.

Comparison of KneadMaster back massage models Select V2 Advance
Market presence Since 2016 Since Aug 2018 Since Feb 2018
2D and 3D finger press N.A. To give stronger acupoint massage, new massage nodes are used. Upgraded features such as stronger heat and intensity. Upgraded features like stronger heat and massage are available
Neck massage function N.A. N.A. To provide both neck and back relief instantaneously, neck fabric cover is washable.Adjustable neck massage enables users of different heights to use.
Weight and dimension 4.5 kg, 13 x 70 x 46.5 cm 5 kg, 15 x 70 x 45 cm 5.5 kg, 19 x 81 x 48 cm* Preferably for individuals above 150 cm
Material Strong and durable leather 3D PU leather to ensure toughness and higher durability Soft mesh and PU leather to ensure toughness and higher durability
Offer Price $ 129.00 $ 139.00 $ 199.00
Functions Several massage styles like shiatsu and rolling are available to relief back aches with dual nodes
Spot massage technique Can be enable to target a specific region
Remote control Customisable massage based on user preference
Heat therapy available Heat therapy option for selection
Seat vibration Vibration intensity can be adjusted
Vehicle-friendly Can be used in vehicles power via car adaptors

The above table provides a quick overview on the three different types of KneadMaster back massagers. We have also featured a short snippet of the KneadMaster V2 and Advanced in real life. Click here to check out these two models and their unique propositions!

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