Comparison of Massage Chairs in Singapore

A comprehensive guide of massage chairs in Singapore. We study the different functions and features that buyers can consider before purchase.

Comparison of Massage Chairs in Singapore

Massage chairs are lifestyle goods with high price tags. Careful studies of the different models in the market will pay off.  Miuvo focuses on great functionality as well as practicality, and they are priced lower than the rest.  We have put together this comprehensive guide for all the existing models in the market for your reference. Here are some highlights.

  • Miuvo currently has three models of massage chairs with unique features, namely MiuDelight V2 Massage Chair ,MiuDivine V3 Massage Chair and they are priced attractively.
  • MiuDivine V3 Massage Chair offers air compression function at the shoulders with two airbags embedded to alleviate shoulder aches. In the market, this function is not common for small size massage chairs.
  • MiuDivine V3 Massage Chair has a body scan feature to assist in the personalising of the massage therapy by detecting the height of each user to better adjust the position of the massage rollers. This mechansim is more common in bigger size massage chairs.
  • Both models come with heating option to provide greater comfort and better blood circulation to users. This feature is not common for small massage chairs.
  • MiuDelight V2 Massage Chair has a USB charging port. This feature is unique in the market.
  • Other good-to-have functions include several preset programmes, various massage methods and Bluetooth speakers to suit user’s preference.

Our massage chairs are available for trying at Giant Tampines Hypermarket. Please contact us for more promoter schedule. Whatsapp us at +65 8808 9467.

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2 thoughts on “Comparison of Massage Chairs in Singapore

  1. John Chee says:

    Bought this MiuDelight in 2018. Now the roller moving got sound. Can i put “butter” myself. Or is it expensive if to call for a service?

    • admin says:

      Hello John, hope the massage chair is serving you well for the past 2 years. Onsite servicing is $30 per trip. We can send you a video of how you can put it on. If there is still mechanical noise, you can call us and we will go down asap!

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