Decluttering your home this Chinese New Year!

With Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, around the corner, apart from visiting families and friends, another customary practice is spring-cleaning the house! It is believed that spring-cleaning will remove the bad luck from the previous year, and decluttering items frees up space for good luck to flow into the house for the incoming year. Furthermore, upon decluttering of old items, some may purchase new furniture for the incoming year to usher the New Year.

Many may ponder upon the items to be discarded and bought for the New Year. Do words such as “comfort”, “relaxation” and “all-in-one” ring a bell in your mind?

What about the idea of a massage chair right in your home?

Many people may initially reject the idea for fear that a massage chair occupies too much space at home and instead of decluttering our homes for the New Year, a new “clutter” is formed.

Fret not! Knowing that many of us face this issue, Miuvo has came up with two massage chair models that are cleverly designed with space-saving technology to offer comfort and convenience to you all at one go!

Both models have similar functions such as customisable message methods, air compression at the hips, heat therapy, leg massage and electric reclining.

The difference lies in that MiuDelight V2 Massage Chair comes with a USB charging port and Bluetooth audio to provide you with entertainment and relaxation all together. MiuDivine V3 Massage Chair has air compression specifically targeted at the shoulders to relieve shoulder discomfort and a body scan feature to personalise the massage selection accordingly. A remote control is also provided to easily switch around pre-set programmes at a touch of your finger.

Think about this! This may be just what you need! After an arduous day of spring cleaning your house, muscle aches and soreness soon follow. A massage chair at home will instantly give you the quick boost that you need to relieve the discomfort. What’s more, for those that have yet to experience the goodness of a massage chair, treat yourself and reward your family for the hard work over past year, and indulge in a soothing massage therapy. Do not worry for unsuitability of the massage therapy. There are pre-set programmes and various massage styles up for selection, simply switch around the programmes to find the one desired relaxation therapy!

What’s more? Since the massage chair can be adjusted according to one’s preference, many people are able to utilise this during visiting this Chinese New Year! As red is an auspicious colour, the massage chair also comes in red, to add on to the festive spirit!

In view of the upcoming Chinese New Year, discounted prices are up for a limited time period. Pricings for both models are extremely enticing for all to enjoy comfort at one’s home!! Red-coloured massage chairs are running low so hurry and place an order with us today to receive your massage chairs before Chinese New Year. Sit back and relax after spring cleaning, while basking in the New Year spirit! Here at Miuvo, we wish everyone a prosperous Chinese New Year! Huat!

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