Foot Massage – Massager vs Spa

A sedentary job may spell health risks, but standing all day is not any better. Exerting a great deal of pressure on your feet can cause foot pain which will affect your quality of life too. 

If going for a foot spa or foot massage session is one of your favourite activities to ease the pain, you may probably have contemplated getting a foot massager before. Is a foot massager worth it? Read on as we compare the difference between getting massages from a masseur versus a massager.


Average cost of foot massage 30 minutes 60 minutes 90 minutes in Singapore

The average price for a 30-minutes massage session ranges from $22 to $40, which means it costs $11 to $20 per 15-minutes, the duration of an average massage cycle of a massager. If this is a weekly ritual, your massage expense would add up to a whopping $1,144 per year! Considering that you can get a superb quality Leg and Foot Massager at only $369, getting a massager may be a better value for money choice.  Moreover, having a massager would mean that you can enjoy the massage more than once a week without having to pay out of your budget. We see that as a double-win!


Massage spa can be full house

“Sorry, can you come back in 30 minutes? All of our masseurs are unavailable at the moment.” 

Unless you booked a slot beforehand, you might have to join a queue just to enjoy a nice relaxing foot rub. The disappointment can be real even though it might just be a short wait. After all, you had been looking forward to the massage session since the last one you had a week ago. Given this circumstance, it might be more convenient to have a massager at home instead of heading out to a massage parlour. Having a foot massager at home is like having your masseur on-call round the clock. It does not require you to travel to the location or make any booking before it. Besides, you do not have to change out of your comfy pyjamas because your massager will not judge you for that. 


Hygiene standard in a massage spa

During this sensitive period of the pandemic, hygiene is of paramount importance to all. Masseurs ought to sanitise their seats and equipment after every use, but how sure are you in knowing that thorough sanitisation has taken place especially when there is a booking list of many customers waiting their turn? Having your massage at home will perhaps provide more assurance in terms of hygiene standard. However, it is also important to note that foot massager may not be the easiest to clean. As such, it is crucial to make sure that your feet are clean before sticking it in the machine for the massage. Otherwise, your massager at home might be even dirtier than a lightly sanitised massage parlour.


Massage spa can provide customisation

Different individuals experience massage differently. While massage from a massager is generally a relaxing experience, there can be one point that feels slightly uncomfortable for you. Instead of figuring out how to adjust the roller movement during the massage cycle, you’d probably choose to endure it and enjoy the rest of the massage cycle. Although a decent massager would incorporate many different massage modes, these programmes are still pretty restrictive in terms of the strength and movement of the massage. On the contrary, it would be easier to convey your preference to a masseur and have him/her adjust accordingly. Furthermore, a good masseur would be able to judge and react according to your expression and tailor the massage for you without being told. In itself, it has put massage from a masseur one notch above massage from a massager. 


A massager will assure you that the quality of the massage it provides will never dwindle for as long as it is in working condition. That’s not so for a massage from a masseur. Different masseurs have different skills and techniques. There are days when the massage from the masseur is spot-on. On the others, it might be slightly inadequate. Having a go-to masseur may perhaps alleviate the issues of inconsistency. However, that too does not guarantee 100% consistency which a foot massager does. Hence, finding a perfect massager for yourself (subjective to different individuals) is as good as finding the best masseur that consistently delivers spot-on massage.

Final thoughts

The foot massager has proven to be a better value-for-money choice that provides convenience and delivers consistency. It can be a good fill-in when you do not have time to visit your regular spa or foot massage place. However, if you are one who prefers customisation in your massage experience, sticking to a masseur might be a better choice. In any case, foot massager brings a wide array of benefits. Regardless of having it from a massager or a masseur, it is time to start the routine today! 

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