Home-based massage therapy this holiday season 🎅🏻

During this festive season, what would be a better relaxation method than chilling at the comfort of one’s own home, while enjoying the company of their family and friends? A good set of massage chair will just be the answer that you are looking for! Furthermore, not any ordinary massage chair, but one that comes with various styles of massage therapy!

As we approach this holiday season of love, joy and gifting, some may ponder about the Perfect gift for families and friends. Here at Miuvo, we have an answer for you!

Here are top 6 reasons why Miuvo’s massage chair will just be the Perfect gift:

  • Relaxation method that provides instant relief

As the year is coming to an end, with extra work piling up and working longer hours, one may be prone to body aches and muscle stiffness. MiuDivine Full Function Massage Chair has zero-gravity position and rocking action to improve blood circulation and removes body tension. A short stimulation is all that is needed to relish some quality sleep!


  • Personalized massage therapy and relaxation options available

Various reflexology techniques are embedded within the massage chair to deliver the highest form of relaxation within a short duration. In addition, one can simply customise the type of massage therapy, according to one’s preferences to deliver maximum performance. MiuDivine Full Function Massage Chair with Body Scan function offers further personalisation!


  • State-of-the-art massage chair design

The bulkiness of a massage chair may pose a concern to many. However, with a modern space-saving feature, MiuDelight V2 Massage Chair occupies much lesser space than conventional massage chairs, presenting more flexibility and less clutter at home.

  • Relaxation method with entertainment and massage therapy all at one go

With a USB port and Bluetooth audio, one need not worry about feeling bored during the entire course of massage therapy! Read newspapers, listen to music, catch up with friends on the phones or even play games, all at your own comfort while using the massage chairs.

  • Affordable prices for massage chairs this festive season

Classy and helpful, a catalogue of massage chairs and massagers are up for grabs at discounted prices. This holiday season, Miuvo is offering complimentary gift wrapping and delilvery services! Have a jolly Christmas ahead!

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