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Corporate Massage Chair Rentals

Having a massage chair is a useful tool to help one relax after a tiring day. But do you know more and more companies are using them to add vibrancy to their events or even to increase staff retention rates? Read on more to find out how forward thinking companies are doing to make a difference!

Buying a massage chair can be a hefty investment, more so if you are buying multiple units for your company or for a ‘one-off’ event. Why not consider renting instead? Renting a massage chair also provides peace of mind when it come to equipment breakdown or maintenance. And it is also friendly to your budgets as well, especially if you have a tight fisted CFO to convince.

Massage Chair for Events

For trade show exhibitors and event organisers who are looking to get a return on their investment, there is no leaving your visitor traffic to chance. Not after dropping hundreds of thousands on your event. Whether your goal is to generate sales leads, create buzz for a new product or simply to increase brand awareness, handing out brochures and hoping for the best is not an option. Having a wellness or relaxation corner at your event or simply just having our massage chairs at your trade show booth will definitely create buzz to your brand and attract your target audience. A good host begets better engaged guests so that they will stop and stay engaged longer for you to achieve your desired outcomes in a more relaxed environment.

Trade shows or corporate events can be noisy and chaotic, leading to participants to having their senses overwhelmed. Stand out from the maddening crowd by furnishing your booth with massage chairs and create an oasis of calm, allowing you and your staff to generate quality leads.

Our Value Proposition – Let us help you make a difference!

We are arguably the leading supplier of rental massage chairs with multiple events under our portfolio. Our best selling Miuvo massage chairs are very user-friendly with pre-set programmes to give your guests something more to remember. No more fussing around with a complicated remote. Unlike coin-operated massage chairs, users simply tap a couple of buttons to activate our massage chairs. Our massage chairs make the venue more inviting and interesting. It reflects your dedication as the host to deliver best experience for your customers and guests.

Our Portfolio & Our Experience

In addition to our regular retail roadshows, we collaborate with various stakeholders to execute successful events and trade shows. With serious money spent and invites sent, the stakes are high. Count on us – we are the professionals deliver. Read on as we showcase some of our projects!

Relaxation Corner for Trade Shows / Events

ITB Asia 2022 at Marina Bay Sands Expo Convention, Singapore.

The event features thousands of exhibiting companies all over the world. Exhibitors from every sector of the industry, including destinations, airlines and airports, hotels and resorts, theme parks and attractions, inbound tour operators, inbound DMCs, cruise lines, spas, venues, other meeting facilities, and travel technology companies attend the event.

Our massage chairs at the Relaxation Zone were a crowd favourite! Exhibitors and trade visitors come together in a central area to mingle and enjoy a well deserved massage.

Pamper your guests and ease their jetlag and backaches. For frequent travellers,  the PowerRest Neck & Shoulder Massager also makes for a wonderful gift with its powerful massage strength and compact size.

Singapore Fintech Festival 2022 at the Singapore EXPO

SFF brings together the global FinTech community to engage, connect, and collaborate on issues relating to the development of financial services, public policy, and technology. As the world’s largest FinTech festival, last year’s edition brought together over 60,000 participants from 160 countries.

In partnership with the Association of Bank in Singapore, our best selling MiuDelight massage chairs were a crowd pleaser for event goers looking to cool their heels. In addition to freshly brewed coffee, refreshments and a whole range of FnB options, the hospitality suite will definately make potential customers and partners linger for a chat.

Employee Engagement / Wellness Programs

Wellness lounge for staff welfare events.

Laughter and smiles abound as employees got to mingle around and relax with our massage products during their break. Create awareness for workplace wellness in a fun and casual environment for staff to bond over a relaxing massage session. Get the conversation flowing in a chill and conducive environment. Be it for a company function or for your valued customers to relax in style, engage us to create the perfect wellness spot in your office.

Get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you or your organisation increase staff satisfaction, improve your corporate environment or simply to make your event memorable!

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