Massage Chair Repair Service

4 Questions every massage chair owner should consider!

At Miuvo we aim to simplify your lifestyle. After hearing numerous feedback from customers and massage chair users alike, we have compiled a list of questions and answers to address your concerns.

Do I need to regularly service my massage chair?

Massage chairs can be a sizeable investment and are built to last for years. Under normal usage conditions, there should be minimal need for servicing or maintenance of your massage chair. We have compiled the most common issues as follows:

  • Lubrication of massage chair components

There are numerous moving parts in a massage chair. If suitable lubrication is used during the manufacturing process, these parts need not be lubricated from time to time. However, heavy usage or hot weather might require the addition of lubrication when necessary.

  • Cleaning instruction

Always read your user manual and follow the care and cleaning instructions for your massage chair. A suitable water-based leather cleaner or mild soap will usually suffice for the surface and upholstery of your massage chair. Different massage chair brands may have different methods for cleaning, so be sure to carefully read your user manual beforehand. If in doubt, always work on a small part of the upholstery first and observe for any discoloration or visible damage before cleaning.

My massage chair is out of warranty. Can I still get it serviced?

At Miuvo, all our massage chairs come with one year on-site warranty. In the unlikely event of breakdown, please fill in your service request for servicing and repair here.

For out of warranty products, our onsite troubleshooting service is $30 per trip. Repair and part costs shall be advised accordingly.

Do you offer massage chair repair service for other brands of massage chairs?

No, we don’t. Service is exclusively for Miuvo customers only.

Do you offer upholstery service of old massage chairs?

No, we don’t. Do consider and find out which leather parts can be replaced before purchase. At Miuvo, we make our chairs such that the seat covers can changed easily even if it is damaged or peeling due to normal wear and tear.

21 thoughts on “Massage Chair Repair Service

  1. Hew NS says:

    I have one unit of OSIM Massage Chair uDivine, one of it’s roller arm was broken.

    Do your company provide service to replace the roller arm ?

    • admin says:

      As it is still a current model by OSIM, I think you can check if they have the spare parts and repair accordingly. Hope this helps. If not, you can send us a text via WhatsApp and we can see how we can lend our expertise.

    • admin says:

      Noise is likely mechanical sound from moving parts. As there is no more Panasonic Massage Chair in Singapore, you might try to find the instruction manual and see if you can apply some lubricant.

  2. Nordin Bin Zainal says:

    i need repair service to my existing Ogawa massage chair. No more pressure to some if the massage area and It is still rolling and noisy.

  3. John Keung says:

    I have an old model OSIM massage chair (OS 7803). Some functions are not working and part of the the upholstery needs Replacement. Do you provide such on site service?

  4. Chan Wah Mei says:

    I have an old OSIM massage chair ” I-Medic ” which was hardly used and now found that it is spoilt.
    Can you help to take a look a repair it ?
    The leather is still brand new

    • Admin Miuvo says:

      If you cannot turn it on, you might want to first check the cable first and the fuse. If still won’t work, likely electronics board problem which requires spare parts replacement and if Osim doesn’t have it, likely 🚮💔

  5. Victor Tan says:

    I own OS-838 uinfinity. Last week it’s left massage arm/full body roller bent (but still intact). Can your company have parts to repair?

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