Massage Chair Trade In Promotion or Rebate

Are you bitten by the Marie Kondo bug and looking to get rid of your old massage chair? With massage chair trade-in programs offered by most brands all around, that should be easy right?

Think again , you might not be getting a great deal at all. Read on to find out more.

Most brand-name massage chairs have included a hefty markup into their recommended retail price (RRP) or listed price. This RRP essentially adds the so-called ‘trade-in’ price into the actual sale price or selling price of the item. Assuming a trade-in discount of $3000 is offered, a massage chair with RRP $8999 will cost you only $5999. Indeed, the same massage chair’s sale price can actually be $5999 depending on prevailing promotions or roadshows, with or without the trade in discount.

The only good thing? You probably thought you got yourself a nice big discount.

Some massage chair retailers employ a commonly used ploy in used car dealerships – lowballing.

Have a old massage chair to trade-in? Ok, $3000 off.

No massage chair? How about any massager or massage device? And we mean ANY massager or massage device. Same trade-in discount of $3000 applies as well!

“What?!”,  you might say.

So, someone with a massage chair to get rid of gets $3000 off. Someone who just wants a new massage chair and has nothing really to offer to trade-in gets $3000 off as well.

Guess what? The retailer probably used the same playbook.

Read on and find out how to avoid these purchasing pitfalls

#1 Cross-check the prices

Compare your desired massage chair brand and model across multiple retail channels. With e-commerce nowadays, it is easy to compare. In fact, our research shows a popular massage chair model listed on the brand’s website with trade-in having a slightly higher price than the same massage chair model selling on an e-commerce platform.

The same massage chair might even be selling at a lower price in the retail store if you know how to bargain hard.

So go ahead and try the massage chairs at retail stores, but do your research before taking out your wallet. You could actually save yourself a hefty bit.

#2 Question the salesperson

It pays to question the salesperson. You might not be getting your money’s worth in the trade-in deals they are offering. Some may not even accept old massage chairs from other brands or may even charge you a disposal fee to get rid of your old chair.

Hidden costs may add up. You wouldn’t know until you read the fine print!

#3 Do your research

Massage chairs are positioned as luxury items by many of the big brands. Guess what? The consumer then pays the associative costs of owning a ‘luxury’ product.

Most massage chairs perform the same basic functions such as shiatsu kneading, air compression and foot massage. The higher-end ones probably come with more bells and whistles such as music playback, app control, fancy massage rollers, etc.

However, the most important thing is that you have to feel it for yourself. A lower priced massage chair need not necessarily be less comfortable than a higher priced one. A higher priced massage chair might come with functions that you don’t even use or need. So, it pays to consider the available options and to try them and feel for yourself.

Still confused by all the product features? Read our Tips for Choosing the Best Massage Chair and Comparison of Massage Chairs in Singapore to find out more about the different features to consider.

Insider Tips: Other Considerations

Read up on the online reviews to see what customers are saying. Very often, you find customers venting their frustration on forums or product review pages. Check out the social media pages of the brands as well and look under the ‘comments’ section.

Check out the warranty terms and conditions. Some might tout a longer warranty duration but do not include parts or labour costs into the warranty terms.

What about wear and tear issues? “Sorry, not covered”, is a standard reply. So if you find your massage chair leather peeling after some time, chances are that it wouldn’t be covered under the standard product warranty.

Oh, and by the way, leather massage chairs are unheard of these days as leather do not stand up to the rigors of the wear and tear of massage chair usage. The so-called ‘leather’ you have been told, are almost always made of synthetic materials like PVC or polyurethane (PU).

How we are different

At Miuvo, we do not practice price discrimination which the above listed gimmicks are in essence, some form of. We offer high quality massage chairs and massagers at affordable prices without the hefty markups. Find out more about our massage chairs – MiuDeluxe Elite Massage Chair, MiuJoy 2 and MiuDivine Mini Massage Chair.
While we might not follow the practice of offering trade-in schemes, occasionally we might take in old massage chairs for research purposes. You can send us a picture of your old massage chair for our review via WhatsApp. Visit us and talk to our friendly sales staff to find out more. We even offer to dispose your old massage chair when you purchase a new one from us.
Call or Whatsapp us at +65 8808 9467 to find out more about our roadshows and promotions.

Save up to $200 when you trade in your old massage chair.

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