Massage Chair Transport or Relocation Service

Here are some important tips and considerations when you transport your massage chair to your new home

Got the keys to your new house and eager to move? Most people would engage a mover or a relocation company to assist with their furniture. How about bulky items like a piano or a massage chair then? Do you require specialised movers to handle such items?

A massage chair might be a significant piece of furniture for most owners. In case you are wondering how you can safely relocate your massage chair, we have put together the following tips to note:

1. Doorway

Some models of massage chairs can be really wide. If you live in an older house, the doors can be narrower as well. Check your doorway size for clearance to ensure that your massage chair can pass through during the move. It will be wise to also check the doorway clearance at the new location as well.

Looking to place your massage chair in your bedroom? Some room doors may be smaller than the main doorway so be sure to check that as well.

Rule of thumb – Widths of most massage chairs are usually between 70-80 cm. Door widths are usually about 80-90cm. Our slimmest massage chair MiuDelight is 68cm in width.

2. Weight of the massage chair

Most massage chairs usually weigh in at less than 100kg. For bulkier models, they tend to weigh in at 120-130kgs. Do consider if extra manpower is needed. A trolley to roll around the massage chair or preferably a lorry with a tailgate.

3. Castor wheels on massage chair

Some models of massage chairs come with wheels for easy movement. Check if your model has wheels at the back of the chair. That will come in handy for your movers to shift it. All our massage chair models have wheels for easy movement. Simply tilt it down and move!

With wheels
Without wheels

4. Space requirements

Most massage chairs can be reclined while in use. Do buffer space especially at the front and back of the chair when relocating it to the new place. Check your user manual or specification guide for dimensions of the massage chair to plan your space.

5. Floor protection

A massage chair can be heavy and dragging it across your spanky new floor might not be a good idea. Do consider protection of the flooring at your new place. Wood flooring or parquet flooring are more susceptible to damage from scratches or dents when heavy objects are placed or dragged over it.

Floor protection

6. Price considerations

Different movers or relocation companies may charge extra to move bulky or overweight items. It will be wise to agree on the quotation first before confirming your choice. Some may charge rates differently depending on the difficulty of the move. Places with no direct lift landing or residences requiring manual labour moving up the stairs will likely cost significantly more than a place with better accessibility.

Our final tip:

Some massage chairs may require specialised manpower to disassemble for easy moving and transporting. Subsequently, reassembly is required at the new location. This may entail added coordination with the brand distributor or checking with the salesperson that you purchased the massage chair from. In most cases, such a service will incur added fees into your move.

Last but not least, do check the age and condition of your massage chair to ascertain if the cost of moving it is worthwhile. Buying a new massage chair might prove to be a better investment, providing you with added years of usage and benefits. In case you are considering to dispose your massage chair, visit our blog here

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