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Foot Delight Foot Massager (Pre-Order)

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1.Soothing tui na foot reflexology with air compression

2. Special feature includes heel massage to soothe aching heels and feet
3. Heat therapy for improved circulation
4. Adjustable intensity levels (Low, Mid, Hi) 15 minutes auto shut-off

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Foot Delight Foot Massager

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Don’t you wish you can pamper your feet after a long and tiring day, without spending your hard-earned money on overpriced foot massages?

Soothe your sore feet with the Miuvo FootDelight Foot Massager. This unique foot massager is designed to relieve pain on your soles, heels, and feet.


The FootDelight massager combines the benefits of foot reflexology with the therapeutic relaxing effects of air compression. Air compression combined with soothing heat promotes blood flow to the feet, improving circulation and vitality.


1. Helps soothe heel pains and aching feet.

2. Promotes blood circulation and improve immunity.

3. Relieves tension and promote a good sleep.

4. Relax and activate the tendons and meridian and relax nerves and muscle to relieve fatigue.

4 Airbags with unique heel massage features:

foot delight airbag

foot delight heel massage airbag

foot roller massage

footdelight heel arching scrapping

Additional information

Weight4 kg
Dimensions42.5 x 17.5 x 50.5 cm

1 Year

7 reviews for Foot Delight Foot Massager (Pre-Order)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Received the item one day after ordering- thanks for the quick service. Delivery man called me and confirmed timing before arriving right on time. Tried out the foot massager- stronger than I expected especially at the toe area and there were times where I had to switch it off. The points being massaged were my sore areas, which made me feel like the massager is very effective. I slept very, very well after a 20 min massage! I also love the sleek look, dusty pink in color too! The massager is totally worth the money and I will recommend it to everyone.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Wow for the price…the foot massage is much better than I expected. The airbags works very well, with very good intensity. The “guasha” really relax your foot. I also have the Osim Uphoria…I actually like this for the foot massage. The Uphoria advantage is that it massages the calves as well. Overall is a very good buy, definitely will leave your relax definitely a “foot delight”

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    Purchased and tried out the foot massager. I’m impressed with the strength of the massager- first few times were quite painful, thereafter, my feet got used to the pressure and I’ve been using it every night for more than a month and enjoying it. The heat therapy also helps my cold feet and I can sleep better now. I’d recommend miuvo foot massager to every household!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    david lee ct

    One gets a good feeling that this is the right foot massager for my needs when I inbox it and feel joyful that this machine is the answer to my health needs .

    For the price of 149 , I am able to comfortably insert my 2 feet and relax, enjoy full foot reflexology process. It is as good as the best china Kung fu master hands can ever provide.

    The machine looks and feels well built to pamper and deliver the right kneading and roller function quietly below my soles and I feel totally refreshed and happy that I have accomplished a full body and organ total rejuvenation after the miuvo foot massage has done it’s Magic. A few days later I bought the miuvo back massager too at 129 to complement my sitting session with my foot massager . What a great combo and great way to pass time build health and in front of TV. Now a bit of what I hope can be incorporated into future models . The foot massager is just nice for asian feet which is smaller but seems a bit small for my USA American size 11 feet . Any way to widen the insides of current model would be great as its a bit too tight for my big feet comfortable massage . The back massager can be build to arch a bit more forward to reach the head , neck area and lower back and i think it would be as good as the osim 499 model .
    With kind sales staff , tey at giant Vivocity and helen at giant suntec and a free delivery process I feel this is the best value for my money and effort to achieve better health for the coming new year . 2018 , here is to my regular foot massage exercise and a better energizing day each day with the miuvo foot massager . Thanks Miuvo !

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Durka Devi

    FootDelight works wonders on my feet and I have no regrets with my purchase. After trying it at Giant Vivocity, I was impressed with its pressure and the different modes that suits my comfort level. Since then I have been using it regularly before a good night’s sleep. An amazing product for an affordable price!

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Qoo10 Purchase

    Seriously good..!!! For $150, after a mtn of use, you would have recoup your cost. It 75% like a real foot massage. I always ask the masseuse to press hard. Impressed that this machine can give a really strong and good rub. Only thing lacking when using the machine is the calve area, which you get when you go for a real foot reflexology.

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    Lazada Purchase

    Delivery was very prompt – within 2 days after order.

    This massager performs really well despite me being skeptical about its low price, compared to brands like Ogawa, OTO and Osim. I have heel spur/plantar fasciitis and the massage functions help to alleviate the pain. It has 3 intensity levels (weak, medium, strong), though honestly the “weak” intensity is pretty good for me. Thanks for the great product, Miuvo!

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