KneadMaster V2 Back Massager 2D Motion

KneadMaster V2 Back Massager *NEW*

(6 customer reviews)

$169.00 $139.00

  1. Finger press accupoint massage style
  2. Rolling massage
  3. Intensive spot massage
  4. Soothing heat therapy
  5. Light and compact. Suitable to be used on all types of chairs

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KneadMaster V2 Back Massager 1. Top Panel

KneadMaster V2 Back Massager features finger-press massage techniques newly developed by our Miuvo experts! It has 2D and 3D user selectable massage sensations to provide you with a comprehensive massage experience. Choose between stronger accupoint shiatsu massage or gentle rolling action along the meridians of your back. The newly developed massage movement simulates the finger pressure and kneading motions of either a Shiatsu massage or Chinese ‘tui-na’. You might also check out our blogpost Comparison of KneadMaster Back Massagers.

Spot massage allows you to target specific areas, offering a powerful and intensive massage to ease tight muscles. Upgraded heating therapy provides stronger and faster heat to deliver soothing relief to aching muscles and joints.

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Weight5 kg

6 reviews for KneadMaster V2 Back Massager *NEW*

  1. Elle T

    this back massager strength is really very good. like it really very much at this price.

  2. Kris T

    back massage strength is just so perfect! innovative product

  3. Guoliang

    It was very easy to teach my grandpa how to use it. Great product! Thanks Seller

  4. Keith

    Was a bit doubtful of its functions at the price $139 when I saw it at Fairprice. The massage functions are so good and the workmanship excellent. One year warranty somemore… keep up the good work, guys!

  5. Nizam

    The 2D and 3D massage sensations are awesome! Very good entry model of back massager.

  6. Gemma

    Love the heat therapy together with the massage. Luxury in the office

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