Neck & shoulder massager

Power Rest Neck and Shoulder Massager

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– Shiatsu deep issue massage suitable for neck and shoulders, and other parts of the body. – Cordless design. Rechargeable lithium battery. Use up to 90minutes per charge. – Adjustable speed – Built-in heating function to improve blood circulation


PowerRest Neck & Shoulder Massager

Hectic city life leaving your muscles feeling tense and fatigued? Does working long hours in front of the computer make your upper body feel stiff and sore? If you’re looking for a device that combines the functions of a neck massager and a shoulder massager, the Miuvo PowerRest Cordless Rechargeable Neck & Shoulder Shiatsu Massager with Heat is your best choice!

Key Features:

Great for soothing that backache, strained neck muscles, as well as wrist pain from hours of typing at the computer.
Tired calf muscles and strained feet can also benefit from the versatile and easy to use neck & shoulder massager. Thanks to its unique, cordless design, the miuvo powerrest massager delivers deep kneading shiatsu massage to any target areas of your body anytime, anywhere. When the juice runs out, simply plug it into the AC adaptor and charge it up.

Smart Control Panel:

  1. Adjustable massage speed to control your massage preference.
  2. Dual directional massage control
  3. Soothing heat therapy

Hypoallergenic elastic lycra mesh fabric for better comfort and durability:

  Drawstring bag included:

Additional information

Weight2.2 kg
Dimensions40 × 16 × 20 cm

4 reviews for Power Rest Neck and Shoulder Massager

  1. Roxanne Gan

    It is my life saviour, especially after a long day at work, or an extremely tiring session at the gym- you have no idea how sore my muscles usually are!
    I love how it is so easy to use, and to carry around because it is very light. Every charge lasts 90 minutes and now I can get a massage at the convenience of my own home! It’s definitely great for releasing tension in my shoulders, neck, back and even hamstrings!

  2. Chris

    Tried their massagers at Giant IMM hypermarket. Innovative products at good price . My wife in-laws love the powerest massager. Lightweight and easy to move around, yet powerful. I am requested to buy more powerest massager.

  3. Cori Michele

    Absolutely terrific portable massager! I especially like the 3 different speeds you can choose from. Sometimes you’re in the mood for a different kind of speed so it’s perfect.

    The massager is very sturdy and it still sits very comfortably on the body. It’s not to heavy and confirms to the body wonderfully. The lycra fabric feels really nice against my skin almost like it’s not even there. My body just melts into the massager every time I use it, I really love it.

    I can take it to work with me since it’s portable and even to the gym for after workouts. The quality is truly fantastic, it’s made very well. I think everyone will really enjoy this massager, I definitely recommend it!

    Watch my youtube video here

  4. Essential Chiropractic And Functional Medicine Centre

    An easy to use portable massager. The cordless design works great! You can carry and enjoy the massage wherever you want. The product provides great strength massage to your sore muscles. Together with the cordless design, you can target most muscles around your neck,shoulder, and back. You can be creative to even use it for a leg massage on your calf and thigh after a long day of walking or after sports. My family and patients love it!

    Dr Chew Wei Lun
    D.C., CFMP®, Certified CBP®

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