Wonderlegs Leg and Foot Massager *NEW* 2018


The WonderLegs Leg and Foot Massager with Heat eliminates muscle fatigue and improves blood flow in your legs and feet.


  • – Space saving foldable design
  • – 2-in-1 dual model usage – Calf & Foot Massage mode / Foot Massage mode
  • – Dual action reflexology for heels and feet
  • – Unique calf compression therapy
  • – Heat therapy that improves blood circulation
  • – Fits feet up to men’s size 13 and women’s size 14 (US)
  • – 2 touch control panels
  • – Removable and washable foot cloth cover



Wonderlegs Top Panel Product Showcase

Having a massage on your feet and calves is one of life’s simple pleasures. To soothe and to relax, your mind disengages and your stresses melt away. This is a time tested practice for centuries to improve well-being.

Combining the latest technology and traditional massaging techniques, the MIUVO Wonderlegs Leg & Foot Massager is specially designed to provide amazing massage for your calves and feet! 


Foldable Design

Revolutionary space saving design folds away easily. Say goodbye to bulky leg massagers that are heavy and difficult to deploy! Our Miuvo smart technology brings convenience and comfort to your everyday life!

Customizable Massage

Suits individual leg sizes up to US Size 13 / 14 (Men / Ladies), easily adjust the strength to your preferred intensity. Transform your foot massager into a foot and leg massager simply by a flipping up clamshell cover. Wrap your feet and legs in soothing bliss with 20 airbags to give you the feeling of floating on clouds!

Adjustable intensity 

Provides a delicate and deep massage sensation for the whole feet

3 Step System inclusive of foot rollers and plantar heel rollers
Step 1: Top acupress area massage the toes and stimulate muscles of the feet
Step 2: Foot rollers engage the acupressure points and massage the feet arches
Step 3: Heel acupoint provides soothing relief and a differentiated massage style


All-encompassing Wrap Around Squeeze Massage

Wonderlegs dimension, wonderlegs power ratings wonderlegs weight

Additional information

Weight14 kg
Dimensions50 x 48 x 33 cm


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