6 Types of Mothers & Gift Ideas

With Mother’s Day around the corner and unfortunately during the extended circuit breaker period, this year will be different. You cannot visit her or organize a family gathering to show your appreciation. If you are staying with her, you can consider offering her a massage or cooking her favourite dish. If not, do not fret as we share with you the different types of mothers and the various kind of massage products that they deserve.


Ever heard your mother complaining about you requesting for your favourite food once every two days, yet she never fails to put it on the table every time? Yes, she’s the legendary durian mother. Like a durian, this specimen is spiky and tough on the outside, but soft and sweet inside. She would constantly nag and scold but would ultimately give in to you. Is there anything purer than this mother’s love?

The MiuDivine Massage Chair is the best pick for her this Mother’s Day so that you can sneak out while she sits in and watches her favourite drama serials every evening.



The fitspo mother takes pride in her full collection of marathon-finisher t-shirts and her rotating daily attire of running shorts and yoga pants. Her greatest disappointment is not being able to feel the wind in her face when running with a mask, but that is not going to stop her from working out and prepping for the next marathon. No gym for weights training? No problem, her kids becomes her improvised weights as she turns her exercise time into some mother-child bonding session too! To keep her leg muscles toned and ship-shaped, the best gift she can receive is the Wonderlegs leg and foot massager!



Lazy fashion? It’s a 404 error to our fashionista mother! Even in pyjamas during this circuit breaker period, a fashionista mother will make it look fashionable for the ‘gram. We highly believe that the viral pillow dress challenge was started by a fashionista mother because only a mother knows how hard it is to get back that envious waistline post pregnancy.

Posing for photos too can be really tiring and back breaking. The svelte and sleek MiuDelight V2 massage chair is the best choice for the fashionista diva. Not only does it provide neck to toe massage for some serious pampering, its classy design can also be the backdrop to their next OOTD with their little ones!



The micro-manager mum! This cleanliness obsessed mother takes great pride in having a squeaky-clean house and spends most of her time either vacuuming or wiping some hard-to-reach corners. Because of all the back-breaking work, she often complains of her backaches. Nevertheless, because of her overly particular nature, we all can feel a little more at ease with a nicely sanitized house. Present her with the KneadMaster Advance Neck and Back Massager to put the grease back into her elbows.



A multi-tasker at heart. Always able to juggle a deadline and still spare time for your homework. Even on a work trip, this mum is never far. Just a phone call away, she solves your micro disasters easily. Ever busy, she never fails to make time for your parent-teacher meeting and still sign you up for enrichment lessons!

The best gift for her this Mother’s day is the KneadMe V2 Massage Cushion. Why? Compact and portable, she can use it in the car, at the office and the best part, she “kneads” it.



The impossible mum. The super mum is an overachiever, determined to be the best mother she can to her kids while being a steely pillar of support to her spouse and family. 

When the woman of steel needs to wind down her day, there is nothing better than having a zero-gravity massage on her MiuDeluxe Massage Chair. Give her the floating-on-cloud sensation to charge her up so that she can change the world!

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