SL Track Massage Chair vs S Track Massage Chair

Choosing a new massage chair for yourself or a loved one? Are you confused by the terminology of SL Track, S Track vs Fixed Point massage technology? Let us tell you the difference!

SL Track

An SL-track on a massage chair has an extended massage track that follows the natural curvature of the spine from the neck down to the lower back and extends to the buttocks and thighs. The "SL" stands for "S-Shaped Long" and is an advancement of the S-track system.

The SL-track design provides a more comprehensive massage experience, as it covers more surface area of the body than the traditional S-track system. It allows for more precise and targeted massage therapy, especially for the lower back and gluteal muscles.

In an SL-track massage chair, the rollers move along the extended track that can be up to 130cm long to deliver a full-body massage experience. This extended track also ensures that the massage rollers can reach areas that are often missed in other massage chairs.

SL-track massage chairs typically come with additional features such as heat therapy, zero-gravity positioning, airbag compression, and various massage techniques such as kneading, tapping, shiatsu, and others to provide a more customised massage experience.

S Track

A S-track is designed to follow the natural curvature of the spine. The shape of the backrest is designed to mimic the "S" shape of the spine, which helps to provide a more comfortable and effective massage experience.

However, the limitation of the S-track means the lower body from the waist to thighs cannot be reached by the rollers. Typically found on massage sofas and entry-level massage chairs, the S-track provides a cheaper alternative to the more advanced SL-track, while allowing for a smaller and more compact massage chair design. Track length is usually between 80-90cm as compared to the longer SL-track system.

The S-track system is an improvement on the older L-track system in which the massage rollers only move vertically along the back. With an S-track massage chair, the rollers move up and down along the contour of the spine, providing a more customised massage experience that targets specific areas of tension and stress in the back, neck, and shoulders.

S-track massage chairs typically incorporate techniques such as kneading, rolling, tapping and shiatsu massage. Some models also come with additional features such as heat therapy, zero-gravity positioning, and airbag compression to further enhance the massage experience.

Fixed Point

A massage chair with fixed point rollers does not have a track by which the rollers move up and down. They are stationary while the knobs rotate in a fixed position.

Fixed point massage chairs have very limited range of massage techniques and programs. These programs typically include full body massage, back massage and functions that target only specific areas of the body. The massage sensation typically feels harsh and repetitive over time.

Fixed point massage chairs tend to be much more affordable than S-track and SL-track massage chairs. Typically marketed for the lower end market segments or in less developed countries, these chairs typically cost less than US$300 direct from factories. While being value for money, the durability and massage quality often suffer badly. Marketing buzzwords usually include '10-hands massaging' or 'multi-roller massage' that are used to hook unsuspecting customers on a tight budget. However, do note that over the long term, these massage chairs are likely to become a white elephant when the user gets bored of the same monotonous massage sensation. These chairs are also less durable as the hard plastic rollers can cause premature wear and tear of the massage chair fabric.

If you really want to get a fixed point massage chair, take a look at our NEW product the Miuvo Sofa. Firstly, our technology is good. Secondly, it will never be a white elephant as it is very versatile with different functions: sofa/recliner chair/rocking chair.

Here is a quiz for you now. Guess the type of track and check your answers below!

Model A
Model B
Model C

Model A

Model B

Model C

Pros and Cons of Each Type of Track

Fixed Point Massage Chair

✅ Lowest cost 

❌ Repetitive massage movement and lack flexibility in control

❌ Poor massage quality

❌ Hard plastic rollers may cause pain or injury

Miuvo tip 💡 It would be more advisable to get a portable massager if user wants targeted relief at low cost

S Track Massage Chair 

✅ Lower cost

✅ Track follows curves of the spine for best comfort

❌ Does not massage the waist to the thighs 

Miuvo tip 💡It would be more advisable to get a back massager if user wants only some back massage with some control

SL Track Massage Chair 

✅ Full coverage from shoulders to thighs effectively

✅ Massage your glutes and hamstrings

❌Usually more costly 

Miuvo tip 💡 It would be more advisable to get any of our massage chairs as we believe that the investment is more worthwhile for better relaxation


A: SL Track | B: Fixed Point | C: S Track

Did you get all of the 3 correct? Congratulations! Good to be a smart shopper that knows the value! Check out some of our massage chairs with SL tracks. Get in touch with us to find out more.

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