Stay Home Tips During Circuit Breaker Period

Unlike many speeches before, the speech made by PM Lee on the 3rd April came rather abruptly. While Dorscon level remains at orange (now a “circuit-breaker orange” – we guess a rather alarming shade that’s close to red), the government have decided to impose measures quite akin to a lock-down, but not entirely.

Accordingly, essential services are set to remain open and although this list is exhaustive, it covers a substantial bit to keep us going. Non-essential services such as book stores, fashion retail and arcades will be close. The government even went as far as to restrict dine-ins in all F&B establishments despite classifying it as an essential service. Without any cafes to lepak for three hours, or malls to wander around aimlessly, the bottom-line of this circuit breaker period is to make people stay at home.

We hope everyone complies before that indicator reaches the red spectrum. CHOY.

We have held a poll on Instagram to see what you guys plan to do during this 28-days of an almost-hermit living and decided to compile some tips of it here. Hopefully, this will inspire you to stay home!

Working from home

With many industries being classified as non-essential business, it is essentially (no pun intended) work-from-home for those that can telecommute. Contrary to popular belief, working from home can sometimes be tougher than working in an environment with less distractions (the office). For some reason, it is just really hard to stay in one spot when you work from home. The biggest culprit? The bed.


Now, it is perfectly ok to work from bed in a WFH situation, but according to a study conducted by British Chiropractic Association (BCA), people tend to neglect their posture and hunch over the screen with an unsupported spine when they use their computers on the bed, causing back or neck pain. Hence, it is important to keep good body posture!

Tip 1: Pace yourself, try using the Pomodoro Technique (Google it!) to break down your work into short intervals.

During the two minutes break between the intervals, do some stretching exercise to relax your muscles. It will freshen and fuel you up for the next interval!

Suggestion 1: If you are lazy to do the exercises, KneadMaster Neck and Back Massager will be a perfect fit for you. Your neck and back will be given the royal treatment with the rolling, kneading and shiatsu massage (RSP: SGD$199)

Marie Kondo-ing your house?

It is said that you will start observing someone’s flaws more when you spend a long time with that person. This concept might even be true in the context of spending too much time at home too. With the huge amount of time spent at home, it is understandable for one to have that desire to make it as comfortable as possible. Did someone say spring cleaning time? Having to work from home have its perks too. You save time on travelling, and that, my friends, gains you an extra hour which you could use to clear things out!

marie kondo house spark joy

Tip 2: Rather than asking if an item sparks joy in you (because many unnecessary things do spark joy for me), ask yourself if you have used that particular item in the past six months. If yes, keep it. If no, thank it for its service and perhaps donate it to someone that might need it, donating to the Salvation Army is a good idea!

Suggestion 2: Most leg massagers in the market are bulky, and the worst part of it, is having it stationed itself in front of the sofa space!

Free up your space with our WonderLegs Leg and Foot Massager. The clamshell design allows it to be easily stored and stowed away! The best part? It works exactly like those bulky leg massagers to give both your feet and calves a good compression and kneading. Have the best of both worlds, because you deserve it!

Attempting the Dalgona Coffee

Yes, that trend from South Korea that caused a huge spike in the online sales of instant coffee. We tried it for ourselves when we were self-isolating at home. We can say that this frothy cup of heaven comes with a price. Making it is relatively cheap and the ingredients are easy to get. All you need is a sachet of instant coffee, sugar, hot water, milk, whisk and most importantly Thor’s bicep.

thor biceps

In all seriousness, you do need great stamina to complete this Dalgona workout (that is, if you don’t play cheat and use the mixer) because it requires you to whip for a good 20 minutes, non-stop, at your mightiest strength. Even if you do not have Thor’s bicep at the start, you will definitely develop it after that long 20 minutes. But, we assure you that the frothy coffee that floats on top of your milk is worth every minute of whisking, plus you get Thor’s muscles. So double win here!

Tip 3: Do you know that there are other versions and it need not always be instant coffee? Swap that coffee powder with cocoa powder or matcha powder and you get more variety of a Dalgona beverage, plus more muscles! (how much is enough?)

Suggestion 3: The attempt on this Dalgona coffee is sure to give you elbow grease. Sink into Miuvo’s MiuDeluxe massage chair and enjoy a slice of heaven as the arm massage compresses your Dalgona-worn-out arms. Together with its professionally designed massage programmes, get thoroughly pampered from head to toe!

Working out

With all gyms closed during this period, it is inevitable to feel sluggish with the Stay-At-Home movement. What’s the next best alternative? Work out at home of course! Be it HIIT, weights or cardio, some movements can easily bring you out of your slumberous state. However, do remember to do some stretching before you start on any of the work-out or else the after-injuries is going to be worse than feeling sleepy.

Tip 4: Always losing the motivation to work out consistently? Just gather a few of your friends and work out together over a zoom party! Having someone to work out will not only motivate you to do it routinely, but it also encourages you to not give up during any of the sets. Because, if they can do it, why can’t you?

Suggestion 4: Sports injuries are common even in home-based workouts. Did you know some workouts might be potentially dangerous? For example, the good ol’ crunches might cause back and neck pain because people tend to tuck in their chins inwards and arch their backs. Nevertheless, be at east with Miuvo’s KneadMe V2 Massage Cushion/Pillow. This compact massage is not only versatile, the shiatsu kneading also relieves aches and sores. Along with the heat function that aids circulation, it can definitely ease some of the after-workout aches.

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