Upgrade Your Office Chair: Here’s How

In this post-COVID era, Work From Home or WFH arrangements are all the rage. Gaming chairs and office chairs have been flying off the racks as many people sought to create their workspace in their home environment. Working from home can be challenging, so having a well-equipped home office is essential. It is challenging to compartmentalise household tasks from workplace responsibilities, especially when one is at home all day and not being able to put boundaries and limits separating the 2 domains. Inability to juggle or toggle between processes may lead to increased stress and burnout.

By creating a bubble where one can focus on work, tasks can be completed faster and work productivity increased. A simple way can be by transforming your home office, starting with upgrading your equipment and furniture like tables, desk organisers, air-conditioning and lighting. Perhaps the most important upgrade to consider is the piece of furniture which one spends the most time sitting on. Yes, we are talking about your office chair itself.

In this blog, we will touch on how you can turn your office chair into a massage chair and upgrade your office chair experience in your home or office. 

Why The Need to Upgrade? Need a Back Massager?

Studies have shown that taking short breaks improves overall attention and concentration, while also allowing one to recharge their minds and gain new perspectives. Working without taking a break results in mental and physical exhaustion. In the long term, it may even lead to burnout. 

Having a massager can help you to relax in the comfort of your home office. Taking a breather by using a back massager for a timed duration can help you regain your energy and empower you to work efficiently and productively for the rest of the day.

Another reason why you need a back massager is that long hours of uninterrupted sitting can cause postural issues like disc degeneration, strained neck, lower back pain, shoulder aches, and neck pain. While these pains and aches might ease after some stretching, prolonged poor sitting habits can cause accumulative problems over time, resulting in other health issues. 

A good back massager paired with an office chair can transform your ordinary chair into a functional massage chair. By kneading those sore, tense muscles, a back massager can alleviate aches and pains associated with prolonged sitting, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Office chairs have many different product features – adjustable arms, height, etc. Back massagers on the other hand can be easily changeable to fit your needs or whatever is comfortable for you. 

How To Upgrade Your Office Chair?

Simply purchase a good quality back massager that is both portable and slim designed, like our Miuvo KneadMaster Advance S Ultra Slim Neck & Back Massager and pair it with your office chair. If you own a gaming chair rather than an office chair, this pairing can also be done easily. This is a convenient and a very affordable solution without breaking the bank or having to shell out more cash for a new piece of furniture.

A normal ergonomic office chair in the market costs anywhere from $399 to $699, while a high-quality office chair such as Herman Miller Aeron can cost upwards of $2000. Gamers may find a reputable gaming chair in the market with retail price tags ranging between $599 to upwards of $1000. Specialised gaming chairs with built-in massager have also in recent years hit the market, but starting prices are high – upwards of $600. Purchasing a back massager is a sure-win solution, with a back massager costing not more than $300. You get plenty of value and end up with spare change to spend on other home office essentials like a new pair of headphones or a new laptop.

How to Choose a Suitable Back Massager?

There are many back types and models of back massagers in the retail market. So how do one take a pick from such a wide selection? 

Start by choosing a back massager that is ergonomically designed. Remember, the back massager is as good as the chair you are sitting on and it pays to purchase one that is easy on your back as well. Back massagers can be bulky contraptions. Older designs are usually cumbersome and fit poorly onto most modern office chairs. Pick a model that is of slim construction so it fits onto the office chair easily. Check if there are straps on the massager for you to securely fasten onto the office chair. If in doubt, ask the salesperson for the dimensions to match your current setup. You do not want to end up purchasing a back massager that cannot fit onto your existing chair. 

A good back massager should have multiple massage functions such as kneading, shiatsu or rolling massages. Choose a model that allows the user to focus on sore areas of the body such as the neck or shoulders. Some advanced models can even allow users to adjust the height of the rollers or massage nodes to fit the user height accordingly. Seat vibration is a bonus feature to provide for a mid-day jolt to one’s senses.

Tips for Choosing an Office Chair

When purchasing an office chair, there are several variables to consider. Aside from appearance and price, it is useful to think about how the chair will be used on a daily basis. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing an office chair to purchase:

Find an office chair with ergonomic features that provides lumbar or lower back support.

It should be height adjustable and has a sufficient seat depth and width for ultimate comfort.

Choose a chair made of high quality materials and padding that will not sag after years of use.

The office chair should come with adjustable armrests.

Opt for office chair manufacturers that provide a guarantee. When purchasing office chairs, keep in mind the policies of the manufacturer or company selling the chair. Make sure they provide a warranty on the product in case something goes wrong.

The chair should be easy to operate. Most chairs come with a gas-lift to adjust for height. A tilt-lever allows for degrees of recline. Adjustable headrests and backrests are essential to maintain proper fit.


A back massager is increasingly becoming an indispensable part of the home office setup. A good office chair coupled with a back massager can be used in tandem to provide quick relaxation in the comfort of your home or office. We hope the tips above will help you in your purchasing journey. 

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