Why are Miuvo Massagers So Affordable?

“Is it reliable?”

“Which country is Miuvo from?”

“Why are your products so affordable?!”

At Miuvo, we get these questions very often. Consumers are a savvy lot and they do lots of comparisons. Despite some initial skepticism over our brand and our affordable prices, most customers are won over by our brand philosophy that consumers deserve better – not just in terms of affordability but quality as well. Our prices are fair and consistent across the board. In addition, we do not practise excessive mark-ups and consequent discounts on prices just to bait customers to feel like they are getting a bargain. So how do we manage such affordability? 

1) Function over Fluff  

While we are hopeless fanboys and gals of the hottest and biggest (and some say baddest) celebs, Miuvo has never spent a big budget on appointing a celebrity ambassador. We firmly believe that our users’ feedback speaks louder than the ringing (paid) celebrity endorsements. We also appreciate the contributions from our helpful Miuvo community on Instagram and Facebook as well as our loyal followers on the various Ecommerce platforms such as LazadaShopee and Qoo10.  

We feel great satisfaction knowing how our massage products are serving customers and their families in the comfort of their homes. Every so often, we receive feedback from customers who have bought our products from years ago. Some of our products have been discontinued as part of the product life cycle; some, we have improved based on the user feedback we gathered. The savings from NOT appointing a celebrity ambassador goes a long way in ensuring our massagers and massage chairs continue to remain affordable to the masses.

2) O2O - Embracing both traditional stores and digital marketplaces

It is no secret that rentals are expensive in Singapore. However, the importance of touch and feel before purchasing requires a physical space for customers to fiddle and try our products. What better way to connect with our customers than to position ourselves in supermarkets and hypermarkets! Our easily accessible locations and affordable pricing has no doubt attracted legions of friendly shoppers to appraise our products with no high pressure sales tactics. In order to engage with our customers, we have also dedicated our effort in building a strong online presence (follow our Instagram and Facebook). 

3) Low after-sales maintenance

Less servicing, less cost, less hassle! We at Miuvo abide with this principle.

With a strong team of in-house engineers and product developers, we place strong emphasis on the selection of components and materials when we design our products. Aside from the usual (unavoidable) wear and tear, the durability and stability of our products are among our top considerations. Budget is carefully allocated to research and selecting the best materials in the market to ensure each product is what we would want to own. 

Once the product is manufactured and brought to market, its durability will be subject to real-life “stress testers” by way of supermarket shoppers. 

Rather than stinge on costs to pad our profits, our motivation to bring in the best quality products has allowed us to pass on savings from lesser product returns and need for after-sales service to ensure affordability.

4) A final note - FAQs

Miuvo was founded on the belief that quality massagers are necessities rather than luxuries.

To answer some frequently asked questions: 

  • Are our massagers reliable? -  Yes, quality and safety of our massage products are our top priority. 
  • Which country is Miuvo from? - Miuvo is a homegrown Singapore brand since 2011.
  • What's the deal with the price? Keeping it simple! Word of mouth marketing. No excessive marketing costs. Keeping a tight lid on rentals. Sourcing of the best in class! We have to ensure that people from all walks of life are comfortable paying and they can enjoy the products from the comfort of their home.

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