Wonderlegs and FootDelight: What is the difference?


We have done a comparison between both massagers for easy reference in deciding an appropriate set. Many have often asked about the primary differences between the Wonderlegs and FootDelight. Wonderlegs is capable of all the functions that FootDelight has, with additional features. Follow us on Instagram @miuvoshop and see the Highlights!

Comparison of products Wonderlegs FootDelight
Market presence Since Aug 2018 Since Jan 2016
Functions Wonderlegs has legs and feet massage available FootDelight only has feet massage available
Air compression Wonderlegs has air compression all around the feet and calves FootDelight has air compression around the feet only
Space-saving design Foldable design N.A.
Adjustable intensity 3-step rollers system for the whole feet Low, Medium or High intensity to choose from
Weight and dimensions 14 kg, 50 x 48 x 33 cm 4.5 kg, 42.5 x 17.5 x 50.5 cm
Offer price $ 369.00 $ 169.00
Heat therapy option Optional heat therapy available
Foot cloth cover Washable and removable
Customisable massage selection Various massage options are available
Control Panel Available for selections

The table provides a snapshot of the comparison between the two products. Both products have been released into the market some time back, especially for FootDelight. Both products have gathered positive feedback via different channels and platforms over time. Some repeated comments include affordability, quick relief of feet discomfort and sore feet and ample massage strength. The Wonderlegs is an improved version of FootDelight, with added calves massage therapy to provide users with both feet and leg massage to alleviate muscle fatigue and discomfort all at the same time. Wonderlegs is designed with a space-saving feature for easy tucking, which reduces the space needed for a leg massager. For enhanced comfort and quicker rate of relief, heat therapy is made available for one to choose. For hygiene purpose, foot cloth covers are removable and washable. Unlike FootDelight, Wonderlegs comes with foot and plantar heel rollers that offers dual action reflexology for the heels and feet, plus massage for the calves too.

If you have ever wondered how these two products look in real life, click here to look at the Wonderlegs and FootDelight in action! Come visit our promoters to find out more. To enquire about location and time, call / whatsapp us +65 8808 9467.

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