Zero Gravity Massage Chair: Functions and Benefits

MiuDeluxe zero gravity

Zero Gravity Massage Chairs showcases the ability of massage chairs to recline and take after the posture of astronauts during a lift off to space missions. In the zero gravity position, the pressure on the astronauts is reduced to a minimum in a safe manner while the rocket zooms up to the sky.

When a massage chair is being fully reclined, the user’s thighs are lifted up closer to the core and assumes a ‘zero gravity position’. This ensures that there is minimal stress exerted against the user’s body. In addition, the leveling of the limbs above the heart level aids in improving blood circulation through the entire body.

A zero gravity recline is a highly popular feature today. However, not all massage chairs are embedded with this useful feature! Those that incorporate this feature usually costs above $3000 and are mostly bulky and heavy machines.

At Miuvo, our attractively priced massage chairs like the MiuDivine V3 Massage Chair and MiuDeluxe Massage Chairs have the zero gravity recline feature.

Bearing in mind the concept of the zero gravity recline, what are some benefits that comes with this feature?

The following are top 3 benefits of a zero gravity massage chair as follows:

  • Effective yet intense massage experience

A zero gravity reclining position creates an optimal comfort level, allowing for deeper relief and relaxation for the user. This allows the massage chair to deliver an effective body massage at the same time. Any body discomfort can then be alleviated within a shorter period of time. With massage chairs that come with selectable massage modes, customisable massage techniques and choice of heat therapy, a user’s experience is enhanced with the zero gravity recline position! Being in a zero gravity position is similar to that of the astronaut’s reclined position, which simulates a sensation of weightlessness as a result!

  • Reduces back aches, varicose veins and swelling

According to VascularWeb, a website dedicated for vascular surgery matters, elevating the legs beyond the heart level during one’s rest time, can prevent issues such as the appearance of varicose veins on the limbs. Also, the improved blood flow reduces swelling too!

  • Regulates breathing for insomnia and asthma

Deep breathing improves overall blood circulation. For users that suffer from irregular sleep patterns or insomnia, the zero gravity position helps them sleep better through the relaxation and opening up of one’s airways. This ensures more oxygen to be delivered and is also helpful for those with asthma.

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